Sunday-Day 11

Sunday-Day 11

So when Ethipopians have church, they have themselves some dang Church! We attended Beza international today and if you took Journey’s best sunday and shot it up with some steroids and no countdown clock ( the service went 3 hours) add a dash of southern baptist prechin’, you get the service we experienced. The preacher spoke excelent english and would finish an empowered sentance with ” Are you hearin’ what I’m sayin!” Everyone was most deffinatly hearing what he was saying, his message was excellent, and we sat near the front, so at the decibles he was preaching his sermon through the microphone, the sound system used was not really needed.

After the service we had lunch at the Golf Club, which was quite good but felt very odd to be eating in such a fancy place after having our lunches last week sitting with feet in the mud at Korah. The evening was spent at the guest house, which is becoming more fun to play games with the staff than touring around the city. Colin, Maddie, and myself took a walk  around the nieghborhood and attempted not to notice the stares as we made our way up to Chocolate, the best eating place in the area.

It’s fun to observe the bonds that each person has made with different staff members, as well as with each other here. I will truely miss it when our journey here ends.


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