A Weekend Away

A Weekend Away

Today we all woke up to a breakfast of eggs, bread, and apples. All credit to Colin. The crew got to meet Tsegauey, our driver, and he took us to Korah. The kids were overly excited to see us as always, and we piled into the classroom. Aki introduced the new Montana team to the kids. Nat and Colin shared words of encouragement before I prayed over our time together. Aki gave an awesome sermon to the kids referencing John 3:16 about God’s sacrificing love for them. It was incredible to share that one thing we all have in common.

After playing with the kids for a couple hours, we set off for a five hour drive to Shashamanee. This weekend is our couple days to be tourists while we’re here since the school is closed. We skipped lunch, but stopped for a coffee and juice at a hotel in progress looking over one of the biggest lakes in Ethiopia. We got into a nice hotel, but Colin and a few others were getting a case of the “hangries” growing impatient for dinner. Our white skin did not work in our favor today. We were charged double for our hotel rooms and turned down at two restaurants for being foreigners. Then we ended back up at the hotel for a dinner of pasta and traditional dishes with injera. To wrap up the night we went back to our rooms to reflect and connect with God. We got in some girl time by doing a little workout together too. It was so amazing to get out and see the country side of Ethiopia. This country and all the people in it have captured my heart so far for sure.

Can’t wait to get clarity for what all God is telling me in this week to come!





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