What we’re going to do…

What we’re going to do…

We heard from Tsegay (CHI’s Ethiopian project manager) this week about Bright Hope and their preparation for our teams this May.ย  This is what he said:

The fence phase-2 is 210m long. The foundation is already dug and it is also started to fill with stones. When the volunteers come it will be probably completed. The next is 180 m long and the fourth is 170 m.

The chicken house is almost completed except smoothening the inside walls. The next work is to get the doors and the windows fixed and purchase of cages for egg hens. Then also purchase about 700 chickens for both egg and meat. It also needs to built prefab store house, burning place for dead and isolation house for sick chicken.

Finally, there are two places set for veggies. The first one is already started. The second one is got cleared and ploughed and the workers are getting training from agricultural experts to do it more effectively.

Check out the pictures below to see what we’ll be working on (sort of) ๐Ÿ™‚

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