Our Sunday Experience

Our Sunday Experience

There is nothing more exciting then stepping on a plane and going to a country you’ve never experienced. The sights, the sounds, and all the people you meet along the way have all been a blessing from God.

Today we got to experience our first church service in Africa. We went to a church called Beza International Church in Addis. It was an amazing experience. The service was spoken in English and lasted around two hours.

The church service was a bit similar to our regular Sunday worship at Journey Church. The music was a treat because the band had an African soulful kind of touch that incorporates saxophones and trumpets into their band. The energy of the crowd was a bit more interactive than I’m normally used to. The pastor liked to hear feedback from the crowd by asking “Do you feel me?” or “You know what I mean?” I definitely heard the word “hallelujah” praised a handful of times both from the audience and from the pastor himself. It was a fun new experience to be in such an interactive crowd. I really enjoy seeing how people in different cultures praise and serve God in their own individual ways.

– Steven Shiplet






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