Comfort in the Unknown

Comfort in the Unknown

I can remember the day Jourdan emailed me back extending an offer to be a part of this team. A thousand thoughts rushed through my head:

“I don’t know any of these people.” 

“I have a long list of fears and am totally comfortable with my happy 12-mile bubble of Bozeman.” 

“I don’t like being uncomfortable or being around new people.” 

So many thoughts flooded my mind as I sent my response accepting the offer, solidifying this leap of faith. As I hit send, I immediately began shaking and crying happy tears, and my whole body filled with anticipation. 153 days of countdown days of overwhelming excitement—the excitement of new people, of a new culture, a new place, a new journey. 

During the 153 days of waiting, people would ask me how I felt and I could only explain it as being so excited. It was a strange feeling for me to be so comfortable with this unknown of what to expect, of what I would see, of the things I would do, and especially the people I would be spending time with. 

I couldn’t be more blessed to be on this adventure of growth and reflection with these six other “strangers” from Bozeman that I never met before. As each day comes and goes, they continue to teach me about seeking comfort in the crazy we are experiencing.

The first morning we were going to first meet the kids, a few of us were standing outside on one of the balconies at the guest house admiring the view. I looked over at Kelly and coined a new term for this trip, “This is wild.. but not weird.” 

It’s wild that we are halfway around the world from the 12-mile radius bubble that I thought I couldn’t leave. It’s wild that I feel so comfortable here—not scared—and completely welcomed…it’s not weird. It’s wild that I can pull up to a group of 30 children I’ve seen numerous pictures of and become engulfed in hugs, high-fives, love, and handshakes…it’s not weird. 

Members of our team that have come to Addis in years past have explained the feeling of home they get here and the comfort of the city. I’ve been here for 3 days and have found that same comfort in what was the unknown.

I just pray that moving forward our team continues to grow closer as each day passes. That I learn to be more comfortable around the unknown and new experiences that Addis and Bozeman both have to offer. 


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