They tell us we are sick because of the cheeseburgers, because of the changes in the weather, because of the children…we can’t be sure. But we do know that a combination of Cipro, Zofran, Tylenol, a huge pile of soft Ethiopian blankets, 12 hours of restless sleep and the prayers of everyone around you seems to be the treatment. The worst part? Missing an entire day with the children in Korah. The children at the camp know we have been ill and each day take note of who is missing from the team. Their compassion in spite of their living situation is profound. This is the little note that a young boy sent home to me the day I was out.

 “I hope this letter finds you the better of health as you leaves me. I am very sad when your child told me that you are sick. I will pray for you and hope you become normal and may God cure you. I love and miss you. Your’s child David”

 The team thinks the part about me “becoming normal” tends toward the miraculous. But who knew we would be receiving Get Well cards in Ethiopia.

The staff at the Amazing Grace Guest Home has been wonderful as well. They tend to us tirelessly. They have lots of “traditional” treatments like a drink of sugar, lemon and water that you can’t decide if it is delicious or unpalatable. I drank it and I am better. Their best medicine though is kind words and attention to our every need.

 Despite our fevers, chills, aches and nausea we managed to pull off an awesome rendition of Amazing Grace with Doug on the guitar today. We sang it only about 15 times in hopes that they will remember it on Monday. The highlight though was a reenactment of David slaying Goliath. Guess who was Goliath?

With almost everyone on Cipro we are hoping for a healthy weekend and the opportunity to explore Mt. Entoto tomorrow.

So blessed to be right here, right now. Kim

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